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Schedrik Choir 
at the Grammar school "Gymnasium am Oelberg" 
in Königswinter-Oberpleis,Germany 

Schedrik-Choir was founded in 1992 as a school choir at the Grammar school "Gymnasium am Oelberg" in Königswinter-Oberpleis,Germany, under the conduction of Pavel and Irina Brochin. 

It has grown to be a powerful Children choir with a broad repertoire and a busy concert life. 

Its artistic standard has been recognized and gained honours prize-winning at various important competitions within Germany and Europe. In May 2002 at the "6th German Choir Competition" in Osnabrück, which takes place every four years, it gained the 2nd prize in the category "Children choirs". 

Since then it won the 3rd Prize at the Regional Choir Competition of North-Rhine-Wesphalia in 2005, which made another successful participation at the German Choir Competition in 2006 in Kiel possible. 

In 2008 the Schedrik-Choir visited the VII.Cantemus International Choralfestival and won the golden diploma and the special prize for the best interpretation of a Zoltán Kodály song. 

The Schedrik-Choir has a lot of international contacts and concert tours took the choir to Estonia, France, Portugal, Russia, Slovenia and Hungary. The choir is an often invited guest at Choir festivals in Germany and other European countries. 

European Countries, as for example in 2009 the choir was invited by the city of Cognac,France. 
Also in 2009 the choir got qualified for the 3rd time for the most important competition in Germany, the ’8th German Choir Competition’2010 in Dortmund, where the Choir successfully presented a challenging program. 

The choir counts now over 90 members and since August 2007 it sings in two choir formations: the children choir (age 11-16) and the girls choir ( age 16-20) 
The rehearsals take place once a week with an additional "long Saturday" rehearsal once a month.The preparations for the Schedrik-choir are the choirs of the 5th and 6th form, where the children at the age of 10/11 start training their voices and where Pavel and Irina Brochin find the after-growths for the Schedrik-Choir. 

In the repertoire of the choir the works are of all epochs and directions of style, from the early vocal polyphonies, classic, romantic and modern, as well as folkloristic music and musical. In 1999 the choir recorded its first CD "Children go", in 2001 the recording of the second CD "Panis Angelicus" followed, with sacred music of French composers of the 19th -20th century for choir and organ. In 2003 came out the program of works of the German romantic on CD "Wie lieblich sind Deine Wohnungen". In 2005 followed "It was a lover and his lass" English choir music of five centuries. In 2007, last but not least, followed "Glorificamus te" a CD of the Live Concert with Claus Bantzer, Organ/Piano, in Hamburg. 

Irina and Pavel Brochin 
Irina and Pavel Brochin obtained their musical education at famous Moscow educational establishments , Irina at the academic college at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory and at the Moscow Open Pedagogic High School; Pavel at the Moscow Boys Choir School "Sveshnikov" and at the Tchaikovsky-Conservatory. 
1991 they came to Germany on the invitation of the Grammar school "Gymnasium am Oelberg", to teach choir orientated music lesson. Today they are leading conductors of various successful choirs, they are sought-after in voice-building, and as conductor assistants. 
1998 they were honoured for their work with adolescents, with the newly founded Culture-award by the SPD (Social Democratic Party) of Königswinter. 
Pavel Brochin was 1999 scholarship holder of the German Music Council (Deutscher Musikrat)